Thursday, August 12, 2010

AM Thunderstorm

(photo by me)

That was some wicked storm that came through this morning huh? The rains were coming down mighty fierce around 7:30 right when the early commuters were hitting the downtown streets. From my vantage point high above, I could see a lot of the streets took on the form of creeks and rivers, and many intersections were pooling with run-off.  I took this from my window looking down onto Saratoga St; the intersection in front of the Hollywood Diner (Crema Coffee Co.) was completely flooded. Some commuters bravely idiotically attempted to plow their way through until two cars got stuck. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of those goons. Most cars had to turn around (smart) and cut across the parking lots under I-83.

Thankfully we need the rain, on the downside most of this didn't even have the time to seep into the ground. My garden (i.e. couple of plants on the balcony) got a good drenching, which it sorely needed.

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