Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Chillday

With the Ravens off this week, this particular Sunday was a little bit more relaxed in town. Since I didn't have to plan my day around watching Baltimore football, I had free range to take in some well need chill time.

First stop...Federal Hill. Met up with some friends for brunch at Metro. Though I don't live in that part of the city anymore, it has still remained a staple for breakfast and brunch, and well worth the out of the way trip down. Now with the Circulator, the trip is so much easier. It's always a crowded spot, but the service is good and the food is great. Self service coffee is a plus, especially when it does get busy.

It was such a great fall day out, I decided to walk back to the old homestead by way of the Inner Harbor. In the early afternoon the first batch of trick-or-treaters were already out on the streets of Federal Hill and Otterbein.

Second stop...downtown. I walked up Charles Street and saw the new landscaping around the Kona Grill addition. It looks like they'll have an outdoor patio for the warmer months, but that isn't finished yet. I saw the new David & Dad's Express at 1 N. Charles. It's open M-F, and will be a nice addition for the office workers.While I haven't been to the original David & Dad's in a long time, I do remember it having a tasty menu, and it's nice to see them expand. I'll have to make a point to stop by the Express stop in the near future.

Overall, a crisp fall day in Baltimore. Gotta love this time of year.

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