Thursday, December 9, 2010

MTA Maryland Needs a New Website

The MTA Maryland website was redesigned a couple years ago in order for it to be more user friendly and accessible, but even with the newer site it neither more user friendly, nor accessible. Below are just a few  other city transit agencies, and their much better sites. MTA Maryland should take some good notes from these other agencies and do a total restructuring of their own site.

SEPTA - Philadelphia, PA
PATCO - New Jersey/Philadelphia
TriMet - Portland, OR
WMATA - Washington, DC
Metro Transit - Minneapolis, MN
MBTA - Boston, MA

Information on each page is very limiting, and some is wrong, or doesnt look like it's been updated in a while.
For instance the pages for the Light Rail and Subway tell a potential rider nothing regarding how frequently trains run unless one digs into the schedule. The "General Information" for the Light Rail doesn't give you much at all, it doesn't even tell riders where it goes.

The website has to be more useful, if the MTA wants to draw new and more frequent riders. A mobile site is also a must, for riders to check in when they are already at the stop.


  1. Yes yes yes. There's not even a google maps/earth application where you can easily view the routes and how they relate to the city/region. Portland Metro's site is great.

  2. I agree, a more user/rider friendly touch is needed to the MTA site. Septa's site is a good example. I would recommend WMATA's site but Metro rail has tested my patience over the last year so I am not keen on giving them a thumbs up on anything at this point.