Sunday, December 12, 2010

Welcome to Another Week

Another work week in Baltimore starts tomorrow after a rainy Sunday with the potential of snow showers during the morning commute, albeit very slight. We could be looking at some snow for next Sunday, so watch out.

The Terps lost to BC tonight in men's basketball, but Loyola stomped Mount St. Mary's by 23 points yesterday on the Evergreen campus.

The Holiday Festival of trains is steaming along at the B&O Railroad Museum as they contemplate purchasing one of their old buildings back on Pratt Street from Baltimore Behavioral Health.

At UB the foundations for the construction crane are set, and it is expected that the crane will go up sometime this week. It's only a matter of time until the concrete starts rising. Meanwhile in East Baltimore, the JHU grad tower has two floors of concrete up, and is moving skyward.

Downtown, the 400 block of E. Baltimore Street is still closed, but up in Mount Vernon scaffolding has already gone up around the burned out building where Donna's, My Thai, and Indigma hope to be back up and running in the next few months.

Welcome to a new week...

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  1. My name is Danielle, I Work at the B&O railroad Museum. Thanks so much for the mention, great blog!

    If you want more information about the museum or upcoming events, you can follow us on Facebook & Twitter! We also have some great historical videos on you tube.