Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Cold Out There

The temps have been unusually cold in the Baltimore area according to both local and national meteorologists, or as they called them in ancient times, augurs. So much so, that the Chesapeake Bay could freeze over, which hasn't had a full covering of ice in more than 30 years. Currently, the big threat is another snow storm.

The last two "winter storm warnings" were duds, gradually being downgraded to "chance of flurries" while the rest of the northeast was slammered. If they have read the auspices correctly this time, the weather folks are calling for 3-5 inches overnight or tornadoes, I'm not too sure. In any event it's going to be another cold one.

Meanwhile, there are still plenty of bikers out braving the cold to get back and forth from work and school. I noticed three this morning on my way to work. The DOT is out today counting bikes, to see how many brave people duke it out with Mother Nature in the winter time.

Let's see how this storm pans out, I could really use some measurable snow.

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