Thursday, February 3, 2011

Comment from a Reader

I received this email from a reader the other day:

I read your blog! I love the skyline painting. Where is that from? I'd love to use it as my computer desktop-wallpaper.

Thanks for reading, Lauren! I found this picture a while back when the blog began in 2007. I was searching through google images for a wallpaper and I stumbled across this one and instantly loved it. It shows an early picture of Baltimore from Federal Hill, sometime after the Baltimore Trust Building was built (1929), but before Federal Hill was terraced by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. It shows a realistic view of a Baltimore that doesn't really exist anymore. For as much as Baltimore has stayed the same, so much has changed and is gone that cannot be replicated or replaced. The harbor today looks much different; gone are the warehouses and wharfs. The sounds of the harbor as much different, and less lively. Even though it's a view that isn't here anymore, maybe it's an aspiration of what this city can be in the future.

Turns out it's a painting by Paul Magehee called "Old Baltimore Harbor, 1930".
You can check it out here:

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