Thursday, February 3, 2011

Whats Up With the Charmulator?

For the past few days the Charmulator website has been listing "major delays" along both routes, even after most of the snow and ice has gone away. Nextbus is reporting 20-30 minute headways between buses for the past few days as well. Are they having bus issues, or has Veolia told their drivers to take it easy in the winter weather. Their alerts and news releases have not been very descriptive.

Another incident, which I got straight from a colleague of mine who takes the Charmulator everyday, involves drivers. On Tuesday, my colleague reported that she had hit the "stop request" button which triggered the sign and announcement, only to see the driver blow past the Hamilton Street stop. Other riders were confused as well, but said nothing. On approach to the Mt Vernon stop, my colleague hit the button, as well as another rider with the same result. As the driver began to drive past the monument another rider asked "are you going to stop?" The response from the driver could not have been more unpleasant and condescending, as if the riders were ruining the morning drive up Charles Street.

Now, I've never had this experience with a driver on the Charmulator, but this isn't the first story I've heard of rude or unhelpful drivers. If this is supposed to be a free service, which is supposed to attract residents and visitors alike, shouldn't the drivers be more polite and helpful? There isn't an excuse for that, or missing stops when the request button has been pressed.

Has anyone else out there had any experiences like this (or worse)? Let us know, we'd love to hear and share your stories. We'd also like to hear your positive stories as well!

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