Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MTA Gripe #(Insert Obnoxiously High Number Here)

Has anyone else noticed that the Metro Subway signs are being replaced? The new triangular signs are taller, more visible, and have two illuminated "M"s on two sides and the station name in large letters on the 3rd. I noticed the first at Shot Tower (they omit Market-Place on the new sign) and then a couple weeks later at Charles Center.

The Maryland Daily Record had a piece yesterday describing how the MTA is spending $500k to replace all of the signs along the entire route to make the system more "user-friendly". If you have been down in many of the stations you will also notice that platforms are being updated with new AV displays. Many stations already have smaller signs that denote the time and announce when the next train will arrive.

All of this sounds really good, so why am I complaining? You see readers, all of this news has come from observations and from other news sources. Not one thing has been posted or released by the Maryland Transit Administration on their website, email, or posted on their social media pages. What gives? How about photos, maybe a press release on the timeline for the project, or details about what to expect?

How is the MTA supposed to make their system more user-friendly, when they don't let their users know about changes or updates to the physical or aesthetics of the system? As a frequent rider of the metro, I've noticed these changes, but what about occasional riders or potential riders? Seriously, MTA, if you're going to have a Facebook page, use it to its furthest extent.

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