Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene in Baltimore (Post #4)

7:30am (Sunday): Baltimore Skyline headquarters survived the night with no loss of power. The rain really picked up after 11pm and the wind began to give that telltale howl. The rain came down horizontally and at time it felt like the HQ was running through a carwash. The street signs and light poles were swaying and rattling and trash was blowing and flowing down the streets (although that last one is no different than any other rainy Baltimore day). There is a billboard that we can see from here, and the rain blowing into it was streaming around the sides like a waterfall.

The wind has now shifted to the NW as the storm passes by. Irene is heading toward NYC as we speak and the eye is now sitting off the Jersey coast. In Baltimore, we are now experiencing the back end of the hurricane, but the winds are still nasty. is reporting 28MPH winds with gusts up to 40MPH in Baltimore. Irene dumped somewhere over 3 inches of rain on us, and knocked out power to over 60,000 residents in the city. WBAL is reporting downed trees around the city, but not too much flooding.


  1. This is only partly a joke- but- reflecting the less government philosophy of t partiers and republicans only a little more brashly- thus- why should'nt weather people covering Irene recently confront and hector the local and federal officials trying to help- restore sewerage outages, etc? They are just interfering aren't they? and costing the tax payers money? Aren't these government agencies interfering when people should take care of themselves?

  2. There are times when government must step in. The tea-party is not against appropriate government involvement. We are against inappropriate action---including welfare for free-loaders.