Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Obligatory Earthquake Post

So that was odd huh? Sure earthquakes in the Mid-Atlantic aren't rare, but the ones we're used to are the hardly noticeable earthly tremors, but not today. Right before 2pm an earthquake centered near Richmond at a deep of nearly 4 miles hit the Richter scale at 5.8. The rippling effect was felt in Baltimore and as far north as New York and far south as South Carolina.

Sitting in my office today, I felt the odd sensation that the room was trembling like a truck was rolling down the street, although there was no truck. Then my office began to rattle, as I stood up I noticed the unnerving feeling of the ground under foot moving. Next thing I knew our whole building was out the door and into the streets on the Hopkins Medical Campus. Street signs were still waving for moments after the 15 seconds or so of earth quaking. It was nearly an hour before we were allowed back inside our offices, after who I can only assume was Johns Hopkins maintenance's crack Earthquake Squad checked out all of our buildings.

Having watched the news, there doesn't seem to be much damage, other than some buildings losing some bricks and roof ornamentation. Cornice work at a Fells Point church came crashing to the street, and some derelict buildings saw some partial collapse, but nothing worse.

Unfortunately MARC and Amtrak travel was haywire this afternoon with major delays, and even well after rush hour things have not returned to normal.

Now that we've survived the first noticeable earthquake in a long time, what next? Oh wait, Hurricane Irene seems to be bearing right towards us...great.

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