Monday, October 10, 2011

All Hail the Green Route

The Green Route of the Charmulator is nearly here. It is scheduled to open on November 1st, the same day the Charmulator goes to winter hours. The much anticipated route for those people who want to get to Fells Point and Johns Hopkins Hospital is only a few short weeks away.

At times it felt that it would never arrive, but here it is. The cat was out of the bag not too long ago, if you noticed CCC buses running along Fallsway or Broadway. To the casual observer it was nothing, but for those of you who knew the route, or anything about running a bus system, those were test runs for drivers to get used to the new route, and get timings down.

The new map that is posted on the Charmulator's website, is a bit different from the original route. There is now a slight deviation down to Morgan Stanley's building at the end of Caroline Street. My guess is it's supposed to encourage people to get down there, but I wonder just how that might mess up the flow on the eastern segment of the route. However, I'd wager that the little side track won't last too long.

A big improvement is accessibility to Fells and JHH. I can see JHH employees ducking out to catch the Charmulator for lunch at Koopers (when the Chowhound isn't there) or students and staff who live in Fells using it to commute up to the medical campus.

Only time will tell when the first news of the route to Fort McHenry will be released.


  1. great news. I hope this means the perculator has been deemed a success and will continue to grow. quick question: where did you get the picture on your header. I love it.

  2. I really wish they extended the green line over to Canton. Unlike the Hopkins area, downtown, and Federal Hill, Canton has basically no public trasportation with the exception of the #7 and 11 busses. I don't believe any of those go to that means residents of Canton have to drive (and park) everywhere. It doesn't seem like it would be a big deal to bring the green line east another few blocks. I really wish they would.