Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Tuesday in Baltimore (Photoessay)

7:30am - Traffic moving along Saratoga St

7:50am - Walking down Fallsway to the JHH Shuttle. You can see how the Orleans St Viaduct could really use a paint job and new lighting.

8:07am - The JHH Dome

8:08am - Entering JHH

8:45am - Office View...sigh. Oh, look construction in East Baltimore!

12:00pm - Constant Construction at Hopkins

12:15pm - Lunch time on East Monument Street

12:18pm - GrrChe makes an appearance once a week at Wolfe and Monument

5:10pm - Skyline from Orleans St.

5:20pm - Light For All

5:25pm - End of the Day, traffic up Calvert St.

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