Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane's Here

So it's been raining all day, and the winds and gusts have increased as our friend Sandy makes her way into town. Baltimore Skyline headquarters in Hampden is stocked with non-perishable food, water, candles, and beer thanks to a last minute run to the Wine Source before they closed up for the night.

Now a "superstorm" as the system no longer was a "tropical" cyclone as it slammed into the winter storm system that was hovering over the upper midwest and Canada. Technically now Sandy is a "post-tropical cyclone", but whatever it still packs a nasty hurricane force punch. She made landfall in southern New Jersey and John Collins on WBAL is showing the eye of the storm passing to the north of Baltimore, in northeastern Maryland. Which means, more rain and more wind for the rest of the night.

It's odd to see downtown Baltimore so empty on a Monday morning, as I was picking up Baltimore Skyline Wife from work this morning at 6:30am, and then driving myself to a few short hours in the office at 8am, and finding few cars and even fewer pedestrians at the corner of Light and Baltimore Streets.
Baltimore has been pretty much shut down all day, with the city restricting traffic on the roads after 6pm to only emergency personnel and hospital employees, so now I would assume there is even much less activity now.

Expecting much of the same tomorrow; MTA, MARC, Amtrak all shut down tomorrow too, with the schools and all the local colleges/universities. Even the mighty Johns Hopkins University has closed for a second day. Roads are going to be restricted until noon tomorrow.

Forecasting for a hell-of-a-lot more rain for the rest of the night! Stay dry!

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