Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Busiest Travel Day of the Year

Tomorrow is the day that everyone looks forward to; today, on the other hand is the busiest travel day of the year. Across the country folks are packing the car or heading to the airport, or jumping on the train to go someplace for Thanksgiving.

Around here that means cars will be cramming onto I-95, people will be queuing up at the security lines at BWI waiting to board completely full flights, commuters will be taking the early MARC train home, and long-distance travelers will be funneling into Penn Station to catch also full Amtrak trains along the NEC. This is also the time of the year that if you're lucky you will see MARC equipment making runs as extra Amtrak trainsets up the NEC toward New York to accommodate the holiday travelers.

This year I won't be making the travels on Thanksgiving, instead Skyline wife and I are making the family come to us! In the past I have made many trips out of Baltimore Penn Station and Philadelphia 30th Street (when I lived there) at Thanksgiving, and it is a great sight to see our old public buildings teeming with people coming and going like I guess they would have been more frequently during their golden age. I sometimes just wish our city would invest a little more into Penn Station so visitors do not need to be greeted by awful bathrooms, completely empty upper floors, and rusted un-used platform stairs....maybe one day. Oh, but at least we'll have a swanky new sign in 2013. Well at least it's some improvement.

Whether you're baking, roasting, or deep frying your turkey; or going out to dinner, have a Happy Thanksgiving! And do resist the urge to go shopping after dinner, wait until Friday or maybe Saturday and support small local businesses.

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