Thursday, March 7, 2013

In Baltimore We Celebrate St Patrick's Day a Week Early!

If you see drunken hordes roaming around Federal Hill on Saturday wearing emerald, drinking green beer, and celebrating their Italian, German, English, "Irish" heritage don't be alarmed, because in Baltimore we like to celebrate St. Patrick's Day early!

Let's be honest here for a second. When St. Patrick's Day falls midweek, it makes sense to wear the green the weekend before. HOWEVER, St. Patrick's Day this year is a Sunday, so having all the festivities on Saturday, March 16th would be so much more sense, but not in our fair Charm City.

But wait there's more! The city's St. Patrick's Day Parade is this Sunday, March 10th. The parade is always held the Sunday before the holiday, but come on, this year it is a Sunday! Seriously how hard would that be? I still think it's wrong to not hold it on the day anyway like in New York or Dublin, but once again it's Baltimore and we do what we want.

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