Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Too Many 7-Elevens?

Have you ever been downtown and left a 7-Eleven forgetting something that you needed to go to another 7-Eleven for and thought to yourself "This is an outrage, there really needs to be a 7-Eleven every couple of blocks." Well you're in luck! A new one is opening at 300 N Charles Street, only 3 blocks from a location at 100 West Lexington Street and 4 blocks from one at 529 N. Charles Street. Luckily there is that one on Lexington Street or you would have to walk all the way like a schmuck from the 7-Eleven at 301 N. Howard St. 6 whole blocks to the location at 300 E. Baltimore St, but that one is a midway point.

I know what you're thinking, three blocks that's a ridiculously long walk when you need to be at a 7-Eleven immediately. No fear, because if you happen to be at the 7-Eleven at 10. N Calvert St  you don't need to walk the 2/10's of a mile to the 7-Eleven at 22 Light Street, no buddy, you're only 580 feet away from the next closest 7-Eleven at 231 E. Baltimore St.

If you find yourself up by JHU, no worries there are 4 in the immediate vicinity. Things look bleaker in Federal Hill with only two: 1000 S Hanover St and 1111 Light St. (that's a lot of elevens). If you're in Locust Point you're screwed, with only one at Key Highway.

I hope this helps you navigate from one 7-Eleven to another. Thankfully, some are even in line-of-sight of one another, so you don't even need a map or an app! Happy travelling!

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