Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MTA Maryland Should Take a Page from MTA

This is an interesting video from Streetfilms about the SelectBusService in the Bronx. The concept is very similar to the QB40 in Baltimore, except this seems to work a whole lot better.

Instead of making it just an express bus, they went a step further and created pretty much a BRT but without the fully separated busway. Each bus stop has ticket vending machines and metrocard slides, so riders pay for their ticket and get a receipt before boarding. This way the SelectBusService serves as a proof-of-payment, similar to the Light Rail. The system allows riders to board at either front or back doors, and greatly improves boarding ease, and lessens the time stopped. This service also utilizes Bus Only Lanes, which unfortunately is a lost concept with the Baltimore Department of Transportation.

It's a great improvement. Now if the MTA Maryland could do this with the QB40 and the two new potential QuickBus routes, imagine how much more efficient they would be! The same TVM that are used on the Light Rail and Metro could be used, in a smaller form, at the bus stops. MTA Maryland could also implement some of those fancy new hybrid buses on this route...hmm I think I mentioned that one before...New Hybrid Articulated Buses - Where to Put Them. Paint them up uniquely to make them more visible, and there you go!

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