Friday, March 27, 2009

Train vs. Bus

(flickr photo by J.H. Gray)

Fresh off of its victory over SUV earlier this month, Bus took on Train yesterday near the Riverdale Station on the Camden Line. In a competition that some critics have called "unfair" and "cheap", two Metro buses went up against Train.

Bus had been cocky since its easy defeat of SUV, but Train had the confidence that it was the superior champion. In its previous bouts Train has easily defeated penny, brick, car, and SUV. Possibly even the occasional damsel-in-distress tied to the tracks by a sinister villain, if not the hero saved her in the nick of time, but I digress.

When Train met Bus at Riverdale Station yesterday, Bus decided to leave its rear end on the tracks as bait. Train, not fooled, easily knocked Bus off the tracks and into its Bus accomplice. Dazed, Train came out victorious. Both Buses were towed away in defeat.

Edge: Train, even 2 on 1.

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  1. I can beat that train. I just head it away.