Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MTA adds QB 48

MTA Maryland is going to add a new QuickBus Route, the 48, to it's schedule starting this Fall. The Limited Service bus line, like the QB40, will make the trip between Towson and UMB a whole lot quicker.

The service will run Monday-Saturday, with Evening and Sunday service covered by the No. 8 bus route.

I'm wondering if MTA will improve signage along this corridor to make this line more visible. Many QB 40 stations have tall yellow kiosks denoting it as a QuickBus stop. Ideally these should be placed at all of the stops along the route, and on the new QB 48.

Originally when planned, the QuickBus stops were all supposed to have Next Vehicle Arrival technology and monitors. These were added to stations back in 2006, but I've never seen them work. What ever happened to that? Any ideas out there?

Anyways, here is a good article in the Sun from Michael Dresser.

MTA to add Towson-UMAB express route --

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