Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where Do All These Rankings Come From?

Apparently, Baltimore is the 2nd Angriest City in the US, who knew! Well, this is according to Men's Health Magazine, which isn't exactly filled with empirical data and peer-reviewed articles. Weren't we listed recently as one of the top least-friendly places, ugliest, dirtiest, and rudest over the past few years? Is there any truth behind these claims, or does the rest of the country just not like us all that much.

IMO, I think the people that write these articles and make these surveys haven't spent enough time living in the areas they rank. They base their models off of national statistics, but don't understand the local culture because they haven't been immersed in it. Sure we have a lot of aggravated assaults, but that isn't indicative of the major of the population of Baltimore, so are we all really that angry? No.

So next time you magazine writers want to rank Baltimore, how about you actually take some time to get to know us.  Then  you can pass judgment on us, and maybe we'll believe you, but we probably won't, because you aren't one of us.

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