Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Exelon Chooses Harbor Point,0,5161327.story

If all goes according to plan with the Constellation/Exelon merger, their new headquarters building will be constructed at Harbor Point, near Morgan Stanley's building. A major move like this looks to be a blow to the Central Business District, which was hoping to lure Exelon to build along Light Street or Pratt street. Instead this looks like another indication that the area east of the Inner Harbor is becoming the newer "downtown".

All should not be lost on the current downtown. This could serve as a major push for the Downtown Partnership's encouragement to turn some of the older stock office buildings into residential spaces. There will be other opportunities to develop some of the empty lots downtown (maybe some will become hotels, apartments, or other mixed-use buildings), but if we increase the residential population of the CBD then it won't seem so deserted anymore.

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