Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sailabration and Airshows

There is nothing like watching the Blue Angels streak over the Inner Harbor at low altitude. Along with the tall ships and the throngs of people packing downtown, this has been quite a weekend, and it's not over yet!

The Star Spangled Sailabration kicks off Maryland's commemoration of the bicentennial of the War of 1812, which includes the defense of Baltimore, bombardment of Fort McHenry, and the penning of the Star Spangled Banner (expect to see more celebrations as everything culminates in late summer 2014).

Ships, both sailing vessels and gray hulls, from 13 nations came into the Inner Harbor on Wednesday morning, to fanfare, cannon salutes, and military helicopters flying overhead. The Pride of Baltimore II, flying a massive 15-star, 15-stripe ensign escorted in the USS Fort McHenry passed by her namesake as thousands of visitors lined the water to watch and cheer. This was one of those, "Hey, I was there", moments to tell the grandkiddies about in the future. I cannot remember a more recent time where this city has been so excited (plus the Orioles are doing well, so we have that too).

Maryland is the center of the national commemoration of the War of 1812, a conflict that is not easily recalled in the American psyche, but one that Baltimore played a huge and lasting part. It is therefore fit that our fare city will be in the National spotlight throughout this commemoration. I for one look foreword to what the next 2 years will bring. In the meantime, soak up the celebration Baltimoreans!

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